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We are expanding and updating FeralHeart Unleashed over time with more to see, explore and experience!

We detailed our development roadmap and plans on this page.

Please note, as a small indie development team we have a harder time estimating what we'll be able to work on in 4-5 months. To combat this, we've decided to update this roadmap based on our situation every time we release a game update.

2022 - April

  • Launch fh-unleashed.com
  • Prepare for the game's release
  • Announce the release date

2022 - May

  • Launch FeralHeart Unleashed
  • Launch our discord bots
  • Launch our updated Patreon supporter perks
  • Phase out FeralHeart Neighborhood
  • Phase out feralhe.art

2022 - June

  • Launch our modifications system
  • Introduce some early changes and fixes
  • Deliver on some early requests by our players
  • Finish our Patreon integration

2022 - July

  • Introduce the new items system
  • Hold our first in-game event

2022 - August

  • Introduce a new species
  • Introduce the new groups system

2022 - September

  • Introduce a new map pack
  • Allow users to login with multiple characters
  • Introduce areal sound effects to all maps

2022 - October

  • NPC Story Lines I.
  • Release of first official story line
  • Hold a Halloween event

2022 - November

  • NPC Story Lines II.
  • Introduce a new species
  • Introduce a new map pack

2022 - December

  • Release FHU-Next

This roadmap is subject to change!