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Welcome to FeralHeart Unleashed!

FeralHeart Unleashed is a free-to-play roleplaying MMO game where you can explore a vast online universe as several types of animal species! Express your endless creativity with creating your own stories and worlds, make new friends in a welcoming community, and show off your true colors!


There are many beautifully stylized worlds of all different kinds of climates to explore! You can sit around a true bonfire with friends at Bonfire Island, travel through the winding path of Ficho Tunnel to reach the spacious Fluorite Plains, and even explore the snowy tundra of the South Pole! Challenge yourself with Ascension Islands parkour to reach Sky’s Rim, discover even more worlds through Cape of Distant Worlds…and more!

Build Your Own World

Bring your ideal worlds to life with our very own Map Maker! Anyone can make their own world to explore, and with the sheer amount of objects at your disposal, the possibilities are endless! You can make a vast, lush rainforest for a roleplay group of yours, a fantasy world of floating islands, a long since abandoned underwater ruins, or even just a small village map to hang out with your friends.

Create the Wildest Characters

With the extensive selection of customization options, you can edit a character's every detail. You can alter the size of every part of their body, from their eyes, jowls and facial features, to torso, paw and leg scaling! Even the ears and tail can be scaled independently from the rest of the body! You are even able to have up to three markings on your characters at once for the head, body and tail. You can make many different kinds of animals just from the base form of a canine and feline alone! Animals like hyenas are far more pronounced with the slider, ear and tail options available to you! And with the same model, you can make many different kinds of domestic dogs! Domestic cats are also available, and can even be used to make felines like servals!


With roleplaying being a big part of our community, we’re dedicated to supporting and encouraging the creation of roleplays hosted on our game! Roleplays are able to organize themselves into groups, advertise within their own Advertisement chat and have their own private group chat. With more features yet to come, groups will be able to have roleplays that are more immersive, easy to use and overall have a good experience.

Tell Your Stories

Exercise your creativity with telling your own stories without needing a roleplay group with the upcoming NPC system! With the addition of this feature, users will have the ability to create their own stories in worlds that they’ve created! You will be able to tell your own stories through missions others can complete, and follow the storyline with interactable NPCs you can make yourself!